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Macao Post wishes to advise that Macao has been assessed as being at extremely high risk of a community outbreak of covid and therefore to help prevent the spread Macao Special Administrative Region has declared immediate prevention as of 19th June. Deliveries of all mail items has been suspended until further notice.

Low value declaration solution – a perfect fit!

Our business is revolved around the constant movement of goods for our customers (traders). Whether it’s importing or exporting, post-Brexit we started facing challenges! 2021 was a detrimental time for our business and we had to work fast to find a suitable solution to keep our customer’s goods moving.

After searching for potential partners, we came across UKP Worldwide (UKPW) by referral. We were impressed by the knowledge and experience shared by Lee and Guy in an initial meeting and decided to make a partnership. UKPW weren’t phased by the scalability of customers we needed to have onboard and quickly proceeded to start the onboarding process.

Both technical teams met and hatched an integration plan to ensure a smooth changeover between suppliers causing little disruption to the supply chain. Now over 12-months later, we have 25+ traders onboarded and this number continues to grow.

Working with UKPW and using their low-value declaration solution has enabled us to drive our eCommerce business scaling both the solution to our customers but also our business. The next 12 months continue to see us strengthen our partnership as our UK colleagues continue to work closely with UKPW and our expansion plans, as well as UKPW providing services directly to our customers with final mile shipping solutions for the US and UK.


Peter Egger, Head of Sales, MS Direct

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