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The delivery of mail and parcels to the region of Emilia-Romagna will experience delays due to extreme weather conditions. Affected postcodes start 4***. 


Heavy rainfall has caused flash flooding in New Orleans. Disruptions to the delivery and collection of mail items is to be expected.

Are you a European retailer receiving a high number of returns from the UK?

Want to improve cash flow and customer journey? Come and talk to UKPW about their fully managed returns process and duty reclaim.

As an online retailer returns are inevitable. As many have come to realise returns are an additional cost of sale to the business. Managing the returns process as well as repackaging and returning items to stock can be quite a costly process. On top of this, high-value goods (>€150.00) where duty has been paid as part of the outbound journey means that cash is tied up for an extended period of time.

UKPW has been managing the client returns process for a number of years and has automated the duty reclaim process with its in-house developed customs clearance software. Guy Cliffe, Sales Director of UKPW explained “With UKPW handling the imports to the UK from internationally based clients means we are able to receive return items, verify and confirm contents of parcels to our international clients thus initiating the refund process. This improves the customer journey knowing that the retailer has an efficient returns process in place. The automated process of reclaiming duty of high-value items where applicable is also started at this point. Duty is normally refunded within 90 days of submitting the claim.  This improves the cash flow of the retailer as they usually effect the refund when UKPW has advised that the goods have been returned to their UK facility in satisfactory condition.”

Many organisations are missing out on reclaiming the duty as the process is seen as being quite difficult. UKPW can manage the whole process from start to finish on your behalf. Contact our sales team to start improving your cash flow today.