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US Postage Price Hikes!

Are you affected by the price hikes on post to the US from July 1st?

Prices are literally doubling from some suppliers – with Royal Mail announcing a £4.46/kg increase for all formats as well as further increases to their price per piece for eCommerce items.

Why the sudden change? 

The United States has changed the way they work with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and how deliveries made by the United States Postal Service (USPS) are calculated. The US took this decision to discourage overseas imports and to encourage US citizens to buy direct from US sellers, which in turn has resulted in international postage price rises from the 1st July.

How can UKPW help?

Put simply, we have a strong and reputable relationship with USPS, with whom we have been working in partnership with for over ten years. And we have our own office in the US in New Jersey. The result – direct injection of your post and parcels into the US on a direct USPS service.

So talk to us NOW for an up to date quote or for a more detailed analysis of why the prices are changing.

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