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World Mail & Express Americas – A Great Success!

UKP Worldwide exhibition standUKP Worldwide have been working with Triangle Management Services for many years and regularly attend their exhibitions, making this our fourth World Mail & Express Americas Conference!

Triangle events are always well organised, providing great networking opportunities and presentations from some of the most reputable names in the business. All of which allowed us to us to get up to speed with the latest industry trends and post-Christmas performance.

This year’s event proved to be particularly fruitful! Our focus at the event was to update suppliers and customers on our latest publishing services and the developments with our cross-border returns service. We attended several one-to-one appointments, both at the event and offsite, where we had the opportunity to give live demonstrations of our Returns Portal and bring to life how easy it is for a customer to process a return, but also for the merchant to manage and control the whole return process.

Paul Moring, Sales Director “Having built up our networking contacts over the past few events, I felt this year’s MiaWorld Mail & Express Americas 2017mi show was our most productive. We are now following up on some very exciting opportunities with both new suppliers and postal authorities.”

Now is a busy time in the UKP Worldwide office with post-show catch up’s and developing new business relationships to the next level.

We look forward to seeing you at another Triangle event very soon!

UKP Worldwide sponsors local Futsal team

Aylesbury Futsal Club

Aylesbury Futsal Club was founded in October 2016 by a group of Portuguese friends and has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest clubs in Aylesbury playing Futsal. The Club approached UKP Worldwide to become one of two sponsors of the local team. This is a first for UKP Worldwide and it has proved a great opportunity for us to get involved with the local community, as well as see the team develop so far.

Training twice a week and playing in two separate leagues is paying off, with the team winning The Shevron Toussaint cup in the Aylesbury Futsal League, taking home their first trophy on the 6th March.

The club has great ambitions to become a National League team and have already gained a great reputation for their delivery of professional coaching and organisation. The club has already set up a development team, Aylesbury Futsal Club – Development Team for players aged 14-19, which they are currently training and expanding the knowledge of Futsal and will be feeding players into the adult’s team in the near future.

You can catch the club playing Fridays in the FA Futsal Fives at Sportspace Longdean in Hemel Hempstead and at the Gutman Centre in Aylesbury on a Sunday evening.

Visit the club’s website or follow them on Facebooktwitter and YouTube to stay up to speed with the team’s progress.

Aylesbury Futsal Club winners of The Shevron Toussaint cup

De Minimis Thresholds

It has already been a year since the United States raised its de minimis to $800, which hadn’t been reviewed in over 20 years. De minimis is a hot topic around the world and especially in Canada where a booming eCommerce market is putting pressure on the Canadian government to raise the rate. A recent CTV News article lays out the lobbying battle that is underway in Canada between traditional retailers and online retailers.

Below is an infographic from the International Mailers Advisory Group (IMAG), which illustrates the variance in de minimis thresholds around the world.