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Republic of Ireland Specialists

For over 15 years we have been shipping and delivering tens of thousands of items every week to the Republic of Ireland. We ship anything from letters and direct mail to magazines and eCommerce parcels from the UK to Ireland, as well as tranship goods through the UK from mainland EU to Ireland.

We have an invaluable partnership with a local customs agent and established relationships with local Irish carriers. What’s more, we’ll put you in control of the delivery process, allowing you to print the final mile shipping labels in advance, offering you confidence that you know your goods are addressed correctly before they’ve even left your premises. Delivery is quick and fully tracked from the moment the shipping labels are attached through to final delivery, all with the help of our customs partner who ensures goods clear customs quickly and efficiently.

This is all provided at a highly competitive price, so if you are sending eCommerce parcels, a direct mail campaign, or a monthly magazine to Ireland, then please get in touch to discuss your options with our friendly and experienced team.

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Republic of Ireland Specialists

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A long term customs partnership

Post-Brexit we needed to find a solution to moving our goods between the UK and the EU in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, as the impact of getting the setup wrong would have resulted in millions of pounds of additional duty incurred annually. We met with...

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