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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance made easy – Road, Air or Sea

At UKPW you can be sure that your parcels will receive a smooth and efficient customs clearance, so that they reach their destination without delay.

With Brexit the days of easy shipments using CN22’s are gone replaced with more red tape: ‘what’s the product commodity code?’ ‘What’s the sales value?’ ‘Have you raised your declaration paperwork?’ – The list of requirements to move goods in and out of the UK has tripled but that doesn’t mean it has to hold up your business…
We can manage the entire customs clearance process for you making sure your parcels reach their final destination quickly and efficiently.

We’re in a great position for helping you as we have been shipping goods internationally for over 20 years, and over these years, we’ve developed an excellent working relationship with HMRC that’s benefited our customers. We speak to and work with HMRC on a regular basis ensuring we are up to date with the latest customs rules and regs and are ahead of the curve on international shipping, so we can keep providing you, our customers with the best service available. We are proud to be one of the first delivery companies in the UK to become an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) back in 2016.

As part of our continuing investment in customs clearance, we opened our own External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) in Buckinghamshire, allowing us to process on-site customs clearance procedures for both imports and exports in and out of the UK. This means you just have one point of contact for customs clearance. It considerably speeds up the entire customs process by preventing bottlenecks and delays for you at the border as you’re completing all the paperwork, duty payments and clearance away from the border. In some cases, the paperwork can be completed in advance making the delivery process even quicker. Practically, it means we can keep your supply chain moving!


Electronic customs declarations
Start and end of customs movements
Import and Export in/out of the UK
Customs clearance at the border, or at our ETSF
Tax and duties paid to HMRC
Final mile delivery arranged

So, how does this all work?

Imports into the UK

We specialise in importing lightweight parcels (averaging 2kg, but we can manage heavier)…you notify us what it is you are importing by submitting an electronic manifest, which will include product description, quantity, product commodity codes, sales value, etc. along with how the goods will be arriving, a commercial invoice detailing origin country and UK final destination and who your export agent is. With this information, we can end any transit movements, manage customs clearance and release goods for onward delivery.

Exports from the UK

Very similar to imports, we need an electronic manifest detailing full product information, a commercial invoice, how the goods will be transported, and the destination country. We can then assist in starting transportation of your exports and liaising with your receiving agent in the recipient country.

This gives a simple overview of only one customs procedure available from UKPW, however, by partnering with UKPW you could gain access to our full suite of customs services and have one contact for all your shipping and customs requirements.

So, what does your business need? We will sit down together and go through your business requirements and what you would like to achieve. We will collaborate and form a plan which covers your requirements and goals, supporting you throughout to ensure a smooth onboarding and undisrupted transfer of service for your customers.



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