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Severe weather has caused traffic disruption in the state of California. The severe weather has caused landslides and flooding, causing major highways to close. 

Delays are to be expected in the forthcoming days whilst cleanup efforts continue. 

New Zealand

New Zealand Post has advised that they are currently experiencing difficulties in providing air transit services to Nauru as a result of the global pandemic. 

As a result, New Zealand post has reluctantly decided to pause all post to Nauru. They will advise a further update when the service improves. 


Poste Italiane has confirmed that the eastern part of Sicily is still affected by the heavy rainfall which caused flooding and road closures earlier this month. Delays with processing mail items is expected for a little while longer and appreciate your understanding during this time. 


Zimbabwe Post (Pvt) Ltd (Zimpost) has advised that they have been suffering internet connectivity issues since 11th October 2021. As a result, Zimpost is currently unable to access the International Postal System (IPS) central database server which is causing disruption to their services. 


Thailand Post has advised that the floodwaters in the following areas have subsided and normal services have resumed. Postcodes: 15xxx, 21xxx, 24xxx, 32xxx, 33xxx, 34xxx, 35xxx, 37xxx, 42xxx, 62xxx, 63xxx, 64xxx and 67xxx.

However, the following postcodes are still affected and delays are expected. Postcodes: 10130, 11xxx, 12xxx, 13xxx, 14xxx, 16xxx, 18xxx, 23xxx, 25xxx, 30xxx, 36xxx, 40xxx, 44xxx, 60xxx, 61xxx, 65xxx, 72xxx and 73xxx.