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Managed eCommerce Returns and Duty Drawback

Hassle Free eCommerce Returns

At UKPW, we want to ensure we are offering our customers the full package. Along with online shopping comes the necessity to offer a returns solution for your customers.


Did you know that 67% of shoppers check to see if the merchant offers a returns service before ordering the goods online?*

UKPW have a fully managed eCommerce returns service, shipping your customer’s returns back to you from the UK to the EU or beyond, or vice versa. Managing the whole returns process from start to finish. UKPW will receive the items at their hub, check and validate the returned item which means you can initiate the refund process whilst the goods are in transit back to your facility. This improves the customer journey and chances of further future purchases.

Our eCommerce Returns Routines

Do you Reclaim Duty on your eCommerce Returns?

For a number of years now we have been helping online retailers claim back the outbound customs duty paid on high-value (>£135.00/€150.00) eCommerce returns, so what does this mean for you?

With our in-house developed HMRC accredited customs clearance software, we have been able to automate the reclaim of customs duty which is typically paid within 90 days of a claim being submitted. This improves the cashflow for the retailer, as a refund is normally issued once the returned goods have been verified.

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