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EU IOSS, UK Bulk Low-Value & High-Value parcels customs cleared

eCommerce business has had an eventful 18 months, many seeing orders more than double whilst the world was on lockdown but also experiencing Brexit hurdles and COVID shipping delays. A lot of businesses have used this time as a learning curve and we are no different, we’ve added strings to our bows and guided our customers through these ever-changing times.

Our eCommerce shipping service remains as flexible as it’s always been offering you a suite of services for the UK and international delivery of your eCommerce goods from untracked to tracked, including event tracking information, and postponed VAT accounting to IOSS. Whether your business is sending low-value goods or high-value goods requiring a fully tracked insured service, we offer a choice of reliable services to suit your needs. Full system integration with our in-house parcel system, Savvy, provides you with transparency on where your goods are at any one time. This transparency can be passed on to your customers giving them reassurance as to when their goods will arrive and a positive experience from shopping with you.

The process is simple and fast, and now that we have adapted our eCommerce parcel business to encompass customs clearance it means you have a delivery solution with only one business partner. Once you’re fully onboarded with us, you upload your shipping manifest to Savvy, email through your pre-alert with the supporting documents and we take care of the rest – we will complete your customs declarations and start your export journey once your parcels have reached our Buckinghamshire hub.

All shipment information is stored securely and electronically and is compliant with HMRC requirements. As long as you declare the true values on your shipping manifest and commercial invoices, we can assist you in ensuring you always remain compliant and have the documents required should HMRC come knocking.

Want to postpone the VAT on your shipments but don’t know how?

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eCommerce Cross-Border Solutions



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