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Post-Brexit we needed to find a solution to moving our goods between the UK and the EU in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, as the impact of getting the setup wrong would have resulted in millions of pounds of additional duty incurred annually.

We met with numerous potential partners but it quickly became apparent that Lee and the team from UKP Worldwide (UKPW) were both experts in their field but also flexible in their approach, which we felt was critical as we looked to build a long term solution in a constantly changing and uncertain political and economic environment.

So far, 2021 proved to be the most challenging from a customs clearance standpoint but leveraging our partnership with UKPW, we managed to navigate those challenges and have come out stronger as a result. And, despite several suppliers being involved in the end-to-end supply chain, UKPW helps massively by taking control of the whole process, meaning my team has one point of contact and can rely on UKPW to manage our goods movements and provide quick updates to any queries we may have.

This year see us continuing to grow our partnership as more post-Brexit rules are implemented and UKPW continues to support and educate us throughout these changes.


Jonny Feinmesser, CFO, SportPursuit Ltd.

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