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UKP Worldwide set to relocate to Westcott Venture Park as part of expansion

UKP Worldwide (UKPW), an international customs agent based in Buckinghamshire, is relocating to Westcott Venture Park as part of the company’s plans for expansion.

25 Staff and UKPW’s and head quarter operations will be moved to a 10,000 sq ft warehouse with offices at Unit 12 Century Court.

The business is currently operating from three separate warehouses in Wornal Park so the move to Westcott will bring UKPW’s operations under one roof, giving the company more room for further expansion.

UKPW CEO, Lee Bucktrout, said: “We have enjoyed significant growth and our new facility will streamline our operations and provide us with the space to expand in order to realise our full potential.

“Westcott Venture Park is a fantastic location for our business, providing us with an exceptional working environment that is strategically located and most importantly can accommodate our ongoing growth.

“We look forward to moving to the Park and utilising the services of Westcott based businesses and being able to provide our services to other onsite businesses.”

Park owners PATRIZIA is carrying out building works at Unit 12 Century Court to extend the first floor offices with the 10-year lease agreement set to complete later this year.

Joanna Kearvell, Head of Agency at Chandler Garvey, who acted on behalf of PATRIZIA to agree the new lease with UKPW, said: “We are delighted to have agreed terms with UKPW and I am sure their business will thrive within the Westcott Venture Park.”

UKPW ship parcels internationally and specialise in bulk clearance of eCommerce orders. The company provides end-to-end delivery including customs clearance and returns logistics.

Nigel MacKenzie, Development Manager at Westcott said: “UKPW is a great addition to the Park, everyone is delighted to secure them as a new tenant. Westcott is a place for businesses to secure their future in a location that offers unrivalled security and space to grow, and we look forward to the business prospering at the Park.”

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Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA)

What is it? 

When the Brexit transition period finished UK Customs and VAT legislation was updated. This means all overseas sellers that make any taxable sales in the UK, must register for VAT and account for UK VAT to HMRC. You are considered an overseas seller if you do not have a business established in the UK and make taxable sales of goods to customers in the UK. How VAT is charged depends on whether the trader is selling directly to their customers in the UK or through an online marketplace, the location of your goods at the point of sale, and the total value of the consignment you are shipping.

*Importing Stock to sell

If you are importing goods to the UK and sell through an online marketplace e.g., Amazon, ebay, etc. you will be liable for any Customs Duty & Import VAT when the goods are first imported into the UK. You can register for VAT to reclaim any Import VAT you paid. The normal rules about what VAT can be reclaimed as input tax will apply. UK registered businesses can use Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA). A UK established business must have a permanent physical presence, be registered at Companies House, and employ local staff. A serviced or virtual office is not enough to create an established business. For example, if you sell all goods using an online marketplace and you only have a fulfilment centre in the UK, then you are an overseas seller.

*Overseas Selling through Online Marketplace

If goods are located outside the UK when sold through an online marketplace, they will be liable for UK VAT on sales. The online marketplace will charge and collect this at the point of sale when the goods are sold.

**Selling Direct to consumer – NOT through an Online Marketplace

Any goods sold directly to a UK customer, for example through a trader’s website and not through an online marketplace based in Great Britain, will attract Import VAT and UK Duty if the total order value is over £135. Consignments containing goods with a value of £135 or less, that are outside the UK when sold, will attract UK Supply VAT. Supply VAT should be charged and collected at the point of sale. The £135 limit applies to the total value of items contained within a consignment/parcel. The consignment value should be based on the intrinsic value, which is the price of the goods when they were sold, excluding any transport and insurance costs. This is unless they are included in the price and not separately shown on the commercial invoice and any other identifiable taxes and charges. Unless sent individually, the seller must add the individual values of all items in a consignment together to get the total value of the consignment.

What type of business could benefit?

If your business is registered for VAT in the UK, you can use PVA and account for Import VAT on your VAT Return for goods you import into the UK. If you are a retailer, online trader or manufacturer importing goods from outside of the UK – your business could benefit from improved cash flow when importing goods.

***Want to use an agent to help import goods on your behalf?

You can appoint someone to import goods on your behalf such as a freight forwarder or customs agent. You will need to appoint them, provide written instructions, and advise them on how your business wants to account for its VAT.  These instructions are vital so the correct VAT can be paid and accounted for when making your VAT return to HMRC. This ensures all VAT records match the goods that have been imported and you remain compliant.

Want to know more…

If you think your business could benefit from Postponed VAT Accounting or eCommerce Managed Returns & Duty Reclaim, why not email our Sales team at info@ukpworldwide.com.

The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and is based solely on our experience in that field. It should not be considered as expert legal, financial, or tax advice. We do not provide VAT advice, and any information provided should not be relied upon as a substitute for consulting with a qualified professional. VAT regulations and laws may vary by jurisdiction and can be subject to frequent changes and updates. Therefore, it is essential to seek the guidance of a qualified professional tax advisor who can assess your specific situation and provide appropriate advice based on current legislation. Businesses importing to Northern Ireland are still considered part of the EU VAT area and have different requirements.



Customs Compliance Without Compromise

You may have read a recent news report of one of the largest discoveries of counterfeit goods worth a record £87m found in shipping containers in Manchester*.

This is clearly not only illegal but also damages well-known brand identities due to poor quality, impacts on their revenues as well as unpaid duty and taxes to central government. There is also other criminal activity that is undertaken from the proceeds of these crimes.

This is why it is important, that when you are choosing your customs clearance broker you look to work with a reputable company that is AEO accredited, this is a good sign for supply chain and customs compliance as they have stringent administrative procedures in place. UKP Worldwide (UKPW) has been AEO accredited since November 2016, this not only ensures that you are compliant with current customs legislation for declaring the correct duty and taxes but that they are the first line of defence in ensuring that counterfeit goods are not flooding the streets and undervaluing your brand.

UKPW uses its in-house developed software to perform a number of validation checks on the data it receives from its customers to ensure that not only are the goods manifested correctly but the origin and value of the goods also stands up to scrutiny.

Lee Bucktrout, CEO and founder of UKP Worldwide, explained, “In the infancy of our customs brokerage business, we were approached by overseas 3PLs and retailers who could not provide the level of detail we required. Dealing with this type of trader would have led to many shipments being placed on hold and subject to customs inspection, and impacted on our other clients who were compliant. As a business, we decided very early on that we would only work with those customers that were looking to ensure a seamless transit of goods over borders by making the correct declarations. This allowed us to keep our operational costs to a minimum at the same time as ensuring a high level of quality of service. Online shoppers want their goods delivered without delay, so UKPW feels that it is playing an important part in the customer journey at the same time as ensuring that duty and taxes are collected.”

UKPW specialises in the bulk import and export of low and high-value eCommerce goods as well as offering a managed returns and duty reclaim solution. Come and talk to one of our Sales team to see how we can help keep your business growing sustainably.

*Source: Sky News