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Air Aviation workers have stopped working at Italian airports on 26th July.

Workers at airports in Rome, Milan, Brindisi, Pescara and Florence have stopped work between 6 am and 6 pm local time, while staff at airports in Naples, Genoa and Turin will strike from 11 am to 3 pm local time. Humanitarian, emergen


Typhoon disrupts flight operations in Shanghai: Typhoon In-Fa has led to considerable disruption at Shanghai Pudong International Airport since 24th July. 

More than 80% of scheduled flights were cancelled on 25th July. Significant delays in postal services should be expected in the coming days. 


Deutsche Post AG have confirmed that exceptionally heavy rain has caused extreme flooding, mainly in the west of the country. This has led to destruction, disruption or closure of regional and national roads, including motorways. Deutsche Post infrastructure has likewise suffered damage.

Consequently, postal services in large areas of western Germany are currently interrupted. The postcode areas most severely affected are 42XXX, 44XXX, 45XXX, 50XXX, 52XXX, 53XXX, 54XXX, 56XXX, 58XXX and 95XXX.

Inbound and outbound international services are in general operating as normal, but exchanges of dispatches by road with neighbouring countries to the west of Germany may be affected by road closures.


Australia Post has advised that its daily operations are being affected by government measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. These measures, which include lockdowns, state border closures, restrictions on movement, self-isolation and limitations on air and other transport services, are affecting the processing and delivery of inbound and outbound mail items. At present, there are border closures and lockdowns in place across the country, including strict lockdowns in two major states, Victoria and New South Wales, where the processing and delivery of mail items is being significantly impacted.


Belgium, bpost has advised that exceptionally heavy rain has caused extreme flooding in the south of the country, resulting in the closure of the railway network and numerous national and regional roads in the affected areas. Consequently, postal services in southern Belgium are currently disrupted. Inbound and outbound services (both domestic and international) are operating as normal in the rest of the country.