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Hong Kong

Hongkong Post has announced special work arrangements from 1st December 2020 in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus. As a result, the processing of all inbound and outbound mail, as well as the delivery of inbound mail, will be affected until further notice. Hongkong Post thanks everyone for their understanding during this time. 


Post Luxembourg has advised that the Luxembourg Government has extended the new restrictions which came into force on 26th November have been extended until 15th December 2020. 

Post Luxembourg is making every effort to ensure the continuity of all services and letter and parcel deliveries, whilst respecting the safety guidelines and new measures aimed at reducing contacts and movements to a minimum. However, the safety measures in place for certain categories of staff across Luxembourg are liable to result in processing and delivery delays throughout the country. 

Post Luxembourg thanks everyone for their understanding during this time. 


Jamaica Post has advised that the Government of Jamaica has extended the national curfew until 31st December 2020.

Revised working shifts/hours will continue across the entire postal network, which will have an impact on the service levels provided and potential delays could be experienced. 


Netherlands, PostNL has advised due to the ongoing partial lockdown, handover procedures will still remain contact-free as much as possible to help protect the health of postal workers and the general public. Some delays could also be experienced.