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Winter Storm Lardon is causing disruption throughout the United States with snow, sleet and freezing rain. Some service delays could be expected.


Severe weather has caused traffic disruption in the state of California. The severe weather has caused landslides and flooding, causing major highways to close. 

Delays are to be expected in the forthcoming days whilst cleanup efforts continue. 


Due to severe weather conditions, O’Hare International Airport has cancelled over 300 flights. Delays to airfreight are to be expected. 


Tropical Storm Mindy made landfall on the island of St. Vincent in the Florida Panhandle. The storm brought heavy rainfall and strong winds. Delays are to be expected. 


A state of emergency has been declared in the US state of New Jersey and New York City due to severe flooding caused by Hurricane Ida. Newark Liberty Airport suspended all flights until the weather calms. Severe transport disruption is expected to cause delivery delays.

USA – Wood Products

US customs have increased their checks and have become stricter with commodities across all imports. This has resulted in a lot of wood products being stopped due to insufficient documentation.

It is imperative that all shipments use the correct commodity codes and are supported with the correct documentation to reduce the chances of shipments being stopped.

If you need assistance with your shipments and customs processes, drop us a line at info@ukpworldwide.com and our Sales team will get back to you. 

More information on commodity codes can be found here.