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Since Brexit, the list of requirements to move parcels between the UK and EU has multiplied and with it the increased risk of delayed deliveries and unhappy customers. Add delays caused by Covid and you have the perfect storm for online retailers.

Savvy retailers needn’t put up with this. Instead, they can ensure their supply chain avoids any obstacles by choosing just one business partner, UKP Worldwide, to handle their eCommerce
parcel business and manage the whole customs clearance process for them.

Supply chain delays caused by customs clearance can be avoided by situating customs clearance away from the border, where the risk of bottlenecks are more likely to occur from the build-up of parcels being checked and duty paid before onward delivery.

At UKP Worldwide we have our own External Temporary Storage Facility away from the border – in leafy Buckinghamshire – where we process on-site customs clearance for UK exports and imports. The process is pain-free. Retailers onboard to our Savvy parcel system and then they can simply upload parcel details from their desk or mobile as and when needed. We then complete the customs declaration for them, arrange any duty payments to HMRC, obtain clearance and dispatch the parcels.

The result for our retailers is a fast customs process, in many cases completed before any goods are shipped, and a supply chain that keeps moving.

All shipment information is stored safely and securely, and we retain a record for HMRC should our customers need it in the future.

Importing into the UK is just as simple. Retailers supply us with an electronic manifest giving us details of what is being imported, including product description, quantity, sales value and information on how the goods will be arriving, as well as their origin country and UK final destination. With this information to hand we can manage customs clearance and release the goods for onward delivery.

The fact that we have been working with HMRC for many years and know a thing or two about customs rules and regulations means we can really help our customers avoid the pitfalls of international eCommerce. Combine this with the flexibility of offering our customers a range of international eCommerce solutions for shipping both high value and low-value goods we hope you’ll want to partner with UKPW.