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eBay have announced that they are updating seller performance standards to help recognise when a seller delivers a great buyer experience. Seller performance will no longer primarily be based on a buyer’s opinion, making it easier for seller’s to manage their standing and be recognised when they’ve given great service.

From 20th February 2016, eBay will evaluate a seller’s performance standard based on the updated defect criteria and the new on-time delivery metric.

What does the new on-time delivery metric mean for an eBay seller?

Buyers want their items delivered on time. With the new on-time delivery metric, eBay will measure delivery performance based on what the seller can control – posting items on time.

In order to meet the new on-time delivery metric, orders have to be:

  • Item tracking status as ‘Accepted’ within seller’s dispatch time
  • Item tracking status as ‘Delivered’ within estimated delivery time
  • The buyer confirms that the delivery was made on time

Deliveries will be considered late when:

  • A seller does not upload tracking information and the buyer states the item arrived after the estimated delivery date
  • Tracking shows no acceptance scan within the stated dispatch time and the item arrived after the estimated delivery date, plus the buyer does not confirm that the item arrived on time or states it arrived after the estimated delivery date

How can an eBay top-rated seller protect their performance?

All top-rated seller’s fall under tighter measurements for the on-time delivery metric, with a maximum of 4% of transactions that aren’t delivered on time.

Seller’s should review their dispatch times and the services they use to ship their items. If possible, they should switch over to a tracked service, which also means they are not relying on the customer to confirm they’ve received the item.

How can UKP Worldwide help?

If sellers regularly ship goods valued under $200 USD to the United States, they could benefit from our eCommerce service.

As approved wholesalers for the United States Postal Service (USPS), we have direct access to all their tracked parcel services, which can be accessed from most countries around the world.

The tracked service we offer is simple yet sophisticated and has been designed to help your business reach U.S. customers. It removes the stress and hassle that is sometimes encountered with cross-border parcel distribution.

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