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China Post advises that it is taking steps to prevent and minimise the spread of the coronavirus. According to the World Health Organisation, coronaviruses do not survive long on objects. The post confirms it is safe to receive postal items from China without the risk of contracting the virus. Measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of mail processing and postal staff, including the disinfection of postal offices, processing centres and transportation vehicles and the monitoring of postal staff’s physical health. 

For all inbound mail, China Post will contact the recipient by telephone in advance about their delivery preferences. Delivery will be conducted via non-face-to-face methods, such as temporary storage at the postal outlet, availability for collection from the outlet, or delivery to a smart parcel locker. Therefore, delays should be expected in the processing and delivery of inbound mail, and it may not be possible to provide written proof of delivery.

Some international airlines have suspended flights to mainland China and some border ports in neighbouring countries are also temporarily closed. China Post will temporarily store affected transit mail (air and surface) and will transport it to the destination countries when these transport options are available once again. Delays are expected during this time.