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UKP Worldwide were approached by a leading wholesale eCommerce distributor to provide a reliable and compliant delivery service to the US for their portfolio of clients.


The items needed to be delivered on a trackable service within a reasonable timeframe.


UKP Worldwide through their partnership with USPS as an accredited Global Direct Entry Wholesaler are able to access all the USPS tracked parcel services and provide a fully compliant delivery service for items under $800. Taking care of all the EU export requirements as well as clearing into the US, our service provides customers with a 4-7 working day delivery service. UKP can also provide email triggers announcing different delivery stages keeping everyone abreast of the delivery status of every item.

Our success in delivering to the US meant that this client trusted UKP Worldwide to also handle deliveries to other key destinations including the Republic of Ireland and Mexico. Our client has also been able to grow these lanes because of their faith in the reliability of the service and our keen pricing.


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