Ukraine – Temporary embargo on imports of cargo and mail

The designated operator of Ukraine, Ukrposhta, has confirmed that Boryspil International Airport is imposing a temporary embargo on imports of cargo and mail by all types of aircraft (passenger and cargo) from 23rd December 2018 until 3rd January 2019, to enable a backlog of cargo and international mail to be cleared.

Technical resources at Boryspil Airport are insufficient to deal with increased volumes of international cargo, express items and mail, and this has led to extreme difficulties in the processing of international mail, both outbound and inbound.

For its part, Ukrposhta is able to ensure timely processing and customs clearance of all international mail in the country's offices of exchange, despite large volumes. However, because of the situation at the airport, standard delivery of international mail before the holiday period will take longer than normal.

Ukrposhta is working hard to return things to normal. In particular, on Ukrposhta's initiative, Boryspil Airport has begun working with certified private handling companies, and several combined routes have been launched to dispatch mail from European Union airports.

Ukrposhta thanks all for their understanding.

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