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Case study


Our customer has been using direct mail for a number of years and has achieved some good results but like any business they were looking for ways to optimise their service and performance. We sat down together and took them through our variable data services and agreed to do a trial for their next campaign.

What were they doing?

  • Sending direct mail to approximately 12k recipients
  • On a quarterly basis using a standard mailing piece with the same offer
  • Typically achieving a 2.5% redemption rate

What did they want to achieve?

  • Develop a personalised relationship with their recipients
  • Engage with them by sending product relevant offers
  • Increase redemption rates without increasing costs

What did we do?

  • We looked at their recipient’s product and purchase history
  • Created three offers with unique relevant messaging
  • These were then applied to a master creative during the printing process by applying a unique code to the customer data
  • Printing completed in one step, no overs, no waste and more cost effective
  • Sending a personalised direct mail piece increased redemption rate to 5.8%, an increase of 3.3%!

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