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Direct Mail

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Personalise your direct mail campaigns and catalogue distribution using our variable data printing service. You can feature your subscription services or customer order history, and build that one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Direct Mail

Maximise postal discounts using our expert knowledge to streamline your mailing campaign

UKP Worldwide Direct Mail

We have state of the art data bureau services and in-house specialist expertise for the processing of international mailings.

Enhance the presentation of your direct mail and ensure that international addresses are formatted correctly for each country. We have years of experience with international mail to ensure your mailing piece is compatible with local post office requirements and can give your mailing piece that ‘local look’. We analyse your address data and identify the most cost-effective delivery service.

Variable Data Printing

With our high tech digital printer and variable data processing technology, we can use flags in your data that you apply to personalise and segment your campaigns to create a unique relevant message for each recipient.

This can really make whatever you are mailing, be it a letter or a piece of direct mail, be more personalised to each recipient. Variable data printing provides the opportunity to create multiple options for your mailing campaigns. This level of personalisation can also improve your return on investment.

Talk to us about what can be achieved and how you can make the most of your customer database.


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