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Location: Worminghall, Bucks, HP18 9JX

Type: Full Time, Permanent. Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00

Start Date: ASAP

The Multi Skilled Data and Clearance Administrator role will be primarily working with documentation and parcel data to prepare and customs clear imports and exports. This role will require flexibility and adaptability to deal with a range of duties from processing customs documentation, dealing with clients and ensuring we maintain our high standards of customer care and client communication to assisting in warehouse tasks as required. 

You will be dealing with many internal departments which requires excellent communication skills. 

This role requires a highly motivated and technically competent individual with a flexible approach that can grow and develop with the business as opportunities present themselves. 

Training and support will be provided. 

General Overview of Tasks

  • Monitor the primary workflow mailbox
  • Direct and Process emails into the appropriate internal departments
  • Communication with clients by phone or email (to confirm when jobs are scheduled or complete)
  • Processing Data Jobs
    • Receiving data files via emails, SFTPs
    • Receiving job instructions from clients
    • Provide efficient delivery logistics through following strict protocols and procedures
    • Fill out import-export documentation, compile carrier and route assignments, compute/check international fees and charges for each shipment, ensure correct taxes and duties are applied and keep track of shipment payments. 
    • Ensure full compliance with all HMRC/Border Force rules and regulations and provide an outstanding level of service to all stakeholders
    • Use Sequoia customs clearance software along with other customs entry systems and bespoke UKPW Savvy system. 
    • Checking, cleaning, de-duplicating, merging, sorting and preparing data address lists and manifests
    • Converting various data formats
    • Designing and printing a high volume of address sheets or letters
  • Processing jobs and Creating Workflows and possibly coding using Cygnus and Excel
  • Understanding and following set procedures
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Manually handling (lifting and/or stacking) bags and boxes and machine loading.
  • Operating various pieces of warehouse material handling equipment.
  • Completing all paperwork neatly and correctly.
  • Maintain a positive work attitude by acting and communicating in a manner that promotes co-operation with your colleagues.
  • Maintaining clean work areas.

Planning, Scheduling & Workflow

  • Understand & Maintain Department Planning & Control processes
  • Monitor UKPW ETSF and Data Bureau Mailbox
  • ETSF, Data Bureau and other business area Control Sheets
  • Process Jobs through Cygnus software
  • Savvy (In-house job management software)


  • Understand the use and operation of printers to print carrier sheets, labels, letters and any other fulfilment documents


Training will be provided with the expectation to become more proficient in the use of the following software:

  • Excel
  • ASM Sequoia 
  • Cygnus (Being trained in Cygnus would be a distinct advantage)
  • Savvy (Bespoke in-house software)
  • Any additional software that is required as part of Clearance or Data Bureau processes



  • Learn and develop client communication skills
  • Represent the business in a professional manner at all times


  • Understand how the Data Bureau interacts with other departments and develop and maintain efficient and effective working relationships

Known Consignor/SPX

  • Understand, learn and follow all Known Consignor/SPX processes
  • Successful completion of training and passing DFT level A-D training

Person Skills and Abilities

  • Attention to detail
  • Follow procedures & processes – process driven
  • Flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing environment
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Analytical mind-set
  • Work under the pressure of deadlines and meet them
  • Learn and develop problem-solving skills
  • Not essential but experience in SQL, VB, Cygnus scripting would be highly desirable

Preferred Qualifications, Education Requirements and Skills

  • Minimum GCSE or equivalent C in Maths & English, Ideally A/AS level and/or of Graduate Calibre
  • Study or demonstrable interest in IT generally and ideally knowledge and experience with data and databases
  • General IT literacy
  • Excellent understanding of Microsoft Excel and Word including VLOOKUP and PIVOT Tables
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Extensive knowledge of different data formats such as Tab-delimited, CSV and Fixed Width
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail and good organisation skills are essential
  • Able to work on own initiative
  • Flexibility and trustworthy

Values, Attitudes & Skillset

  • Determination
  • Integrity/Open & Honest
  • Accountability/Responsibility
  • Communication
    • Dependable, Productive, High Quality and Positive with a Can-Do Attitude
    • Team player
    • Willingness and ability to learn
    • Ability to follow written instructions/ directions with high accuracy levels
    • Ability to work independently
    • IT skilled with good verbal and written communication ability

Performance Measures

  • Objectives will be set together with your line Manager and monitored in Monthly Performance Development Reviews
  • Annual Performance review against set objectives

Important Notes and Considerations

Employees must have the ability to independently travel to and from UKP Worldwide’s relatively remote place of work

Compliance with UKP Worldwide’s security requirements and screening is essential:

All candidates will be subject to a 5-year work and or education check.  Any gaps in employment greater than 28 days will require an explanation.  In addition, a full clean security check is required for this role.  All applicants must complete an application form. Please see the download link at the bottom of this page. 

Photo ID and right to work in the UK must be provided during the interview process.
Please apply by sending your CV and covering letter to andre.domingues@ukpworldwide.com
Please note all applicants will be required to fill an application form which will be sent out to the email address on your CV.