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Precautionary closures have been removed from some of the previously reported municipalities, where postal operations are to resume with the aim to clear backlogs within a couple of weeks. 

Precautionary closures still apply to the 11 regions below, and Poste Italiane will continue to store items addressed to the closed areas until they are re-opened. 

Casalpusterlengo: 26841
Bertonico: 26821.
Castiglione D’adda: 26823.
Terranova Dei Passerini: 26827.
Castelgerundo: 26844.
Codogno: 26845.
Maleo: 26847.
San Fiorano: 26848.
Fombio: 26861.
Somaglia: 26867.
Veneto: 35030.