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A large UK based publisher with 26 consumer magazines had a complex marketing campaign which was sent out with their various magazine titles. The campaign was cross selling magazines, books and merchandise to try and increase magazine subscriptions and product sales.


Our objective was to simplify the campaign without losing the personal touch! The original campaign consisted of hand matching four separate inserts, which were all personally addressed with a specific offer targeted for that reader.


After sitting down and reviewing all the content required, our data team suggested replacing the inserts with an A3 carrier sheet. Each carrier sheet was designed to amalgamate all the information and it was personalised for the individual reader, the ability to use variable data greatly enhanced this. We use a combination of different pictures, offers and currencies on a single sheet, that not only looks impressive but has saved costs for our client too.


Fast & reliable Direct Mail

Our customer has been using direct mail for a number of years and has achieved some good results but like any business they were looking for ways to optimise their service and performance. We sat down together and took them through our variable data services and...

Get close with personalised DM

A leading hotel chain had a requirement to post its’ loyalty cards to members worldwide. Objectives: The Hotel’s Loyalty Programme – facilitated by the UK office for it’s chain of hotels worldwide – needed to post 5000+ loyalty cards to new members each week. They...